conducting a review of Mozart in the Jungle.

Sophisticated humor and great characters build to a crescendo in this, free if you have amazon prime, TV show.
I wasn’t even going to watch this show. I had thought about it, but dismissed it. It looked like it might be boring, and I don’t love classical music. I don’t hate it, but I don’t go out of my way to hear it. I wasn’t even sure what time period this was set in, the posters seem a little vague. Then I saw it was getting all these rave reviews, and nominated for a golden globe. I know amazon takes care with their shows, and I enjoyed “Transparent”, so I decided to give this a try. I had low expectations.

I loved it! Watch it! The script is amazing, and the acting is fantastic. I was worried it would be too similar to “the Science of sleep”. I did like that movie, but I wasn’t in the mood for a whole TV show that unrestrained.  They really reined it in for Mozart in the Jungle. It a comedy drama.

 It is set in modern New York City, and the characters are well drawn. The cast is big, and they introduce the characters slowly, so it is not confusing at all. There are many interesting plot arches, and it is really funny. I am going to miss Rodrigo and Hai-lay until season 3 pops up.

The main plot of the is that the New York City symphony is getting a new conductor and a young oboist that is just starting her adult journey as a working musician.

One of the coolest parts of the show is the way that Gael García Bernal plays his character, and how out of the box he thinks. I like to see the world from his point of view. He is wild and unpredictable, so full of blood! His phrase from the show to describe passion.  He is reckless and walks the line of the artist and the system.

One of my favorite actors shows up too!  Jason Schwartzman. Who apparently has writing credit as well. It has the same sense of humor as “Bored to Death”, so that makes sense.

The main actress is Lola Kirke, and you might recognize her from her small role in Gone Girl as the motel neighbor that betrays Amy. She is naïve and full of hope, but also sarcastic and likeable.

At the core of the show, it is about the friendships, and the collaboration of a team, an orchestra. I highly suggest this show. It is very easy to watch, and I know my sisters would love it. I am not going to suggest it to my boyfriend, he doesn’t like this kind of drama, even though I think he would find It funny.  If your boyfriend likes classical music, he would geek out at this show. They have all these guest stars that are too bad of actors to not be famous musicians. I don’t think my mom could pay attention that long, so I wont suggest  it to her. But, friends who have a good sense of humor, they are going to love it.


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