Sucked. I actually didn't even watch the end.

5 questions answered
1. Why was this movie so bad?
This movie portrays a woman that is busy working and decorating the house as the enemy of fun. It focuses on the husband being upset that she doesn't have time for him. He actually says “I miss the woman I used to love”. That is insulting to her and he takes no blame in that statement. He drags her back to the apartment they used to live in when they were in college. And the wife does all these “sexy and free spirited” behaviors, and the husband remembers why he loves his wife.

2. What is considered sexy and free spirited?
Borrowing a bike, and riding on the back. Getting drunk in a bar. Squatting in their old abandoned apartment. This implies that the man doesn't need to grow up, just the women needs to regress developmentally. They both have a problem. They both need to grow together. This movie put it all on the wife. I was disgusted.

3. Who was in this movie?
Todd Grinnell and he looks, to me, like a jerk. I think that was part of the problem, but he never did anything to help himself be less jerky.  Ali Hillis was the wife. She was fine. Nothing too good or too horrible.

4. Was there anything I didn't hate about this movie?
It had an interesting beginning. The main character husband would visit his various friends at work, and some of them would visit each other. They played poker for home furnishing gift cards. I thought that was pretty funny. I know that it was supposed to be a commentary on the way a man’s life changes from “fun poker games with money” to “boring married life home furnishing gift cards” but the idea was funny. I didn't think it was such a bad thing. They also helped each other with those surveys to help their friends look better. I found that realistic. Those surveys at the end of receipts are everywhere, and they are such a joke.

5. Who would like this movie?

I have no idea. I don’t know any guys that would see the description of this indie film (even for free on amazon) and say to themselves “oh great, I feel like watching his pseudo romantic married couple movie”. It was insulting to woman, although they would be more likely to want to try it. I would also rule out younger people and seniors. They would most likely have no reason to press play. 


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