Sparrow’s Dance

This film was pretty good. It moved right along, and made me think. I loved the romance, and I liked how the characters grew.

5 Questions answered.
1. Should you rent this free movie (if you have prime)?
Yes, maybe. It was funny, sweet, and realistic within the confines of the disease of agoraphobia. I think that the movies I recommend to people are the amazing, surprising, wonderful films. This was just above ok. So, if you already like indie romance movies, and you have extra time…then go for it.

2. Was it funny or dramatic?
Yes to both. But, really is was more funny.

3. Would you watch it again?
Probably maybe once. If my friend wanted to see it, then I might watch it with them. I would not seek it out.

4.  What was the best part?
There was a very sweet and sexy moment in the kitchen.  You will know what I am talking about immediately after you see it. I liked that moment along with the couple dancing (which was on the cover).

5. How was the acting?



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